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Title: 职海冲浪网 一个专注于个人职业生涯规划、管理和咨询的社区。 - Powered by Discuz!
Description: 职海冲浪网 职海冲浪网(是以职业生涯管理为主题,汇集了职业定位,职业规划,职业咨询及创业平台,求职招聘,留学移民的各类信息与服务。 - Discuz! Board
Keywords: 职业生涯,职业咨询,职业规划,出国移民留学,创业论坛,华人,求职招聘,休闲娱乐
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HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
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Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2018 05:29:45 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
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Location: ./careerforum/index.php
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Set-Cookie: forum_sid=PvamVp; expires=Sat, 27-Jan-2018 05:29:45 GMT; path=/; httponly
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Info & tips: Http headers are used by robots and crawlers to understand your site structure. Ensure yourself your site is using corect headers. More informations on HTTP codes and headers at

B) Robots.txt Check Not present

Info & tips: The robots.txt file provides informations about wich directories are allowed to be crawled by spiders, crawlers and bots. You can find more informations on
C) Sitemap Check Not present

Info & tips: Sitemaps are used by search engines to "draw" a map of your site. This check may be a false positive. More informations on sitemaps at

2. Head elements check

A) Title tag check

Title: èæµ·å²æµªç½ ä¸ä¸ªä¸æ³¨äºä¸ªäººèä¸ç涯è§åã管çåå¨è¯¢ç社åºã - Powered by Discuz!
Lenght: 107 (Bad - To much)
Stop words: by
Keyword(s) in title: Present
Keyword relevance: 40% (Bad)

Info & tips: The title tag is a very important seo resource. There is not a certain recipe for 100% title optimisation, but it`s recomended to have a title with the length between 40 and 65 characters, no stop words, keywords in title, and a decent relevance between title and the keywords you are promoting and your content. More info:

B) Meta Keywords check
Keywords: 职业生涯,职业咨询,职业规划,出国移民留学,创业论坛,华人,求职招聘,休闲娱乐
Keywords count: 8 (Perfect)
Relevance with site: 20%

Info & tips: Altough the meta keywords are ignored by major search engines like google or bing for some years now, some seo experts claims that they still play a role in on page optimisation. It`s recomended to have a number of keywords between 5 and 9 and a decent relevance report. You can read more on meta keywords here:
C) Meta Description check
Description: èæµ·å²æµªç½ èæµ·å²æµªç½ï¼www.surfcareer.comï¼æ¯ä»¥èä¸ç涯管ç为主é¢ï¼æ±éäºèä¸å®ä½ï¼èä¸è§åï¼èä¸å¨è¯¢ååä¸å¹³å°ï¼æ±èæèï¼ç学移æ°çå类信æ¯ä¸æå¡ã - Discuz! Board
Description lenght: 231 (To much)
Keywords in description: Present
Relevance with keywords: 90% (Very good)

Info & tips: Meta description tag is a usefull method to describe the content your page is hosting. Avoid having same descriptions on all your pages. A proper meta description has a lenght of 150/160 characters at max, a decent relevance with the keywords you want to promote your site with, and, ofcourse, keywords in the description. You can find more informations at:

3. Content check

Content characters count: 794 (Perfect)
Content words count: 38 (Ok)
Keywords present in content: Not Present
Content relevance: 0% (Bad)
Keyword(s) in italic: Not present
Keyword(s) in bold: Not present
Headings check: h1:0h2:0h3:1h4:0h5:0h6:0
Iframes check: Not present

Info & tips: Site content is the most important thing in seo.The more unique your content is, the bigger chance you have to be indexed by search engines. There are a few things you have to keep in mind. Your content should be more than 300 characters long, or 50 words, it should have the keywords you are promoting in well formated senteces, it should have your keywords in <i>(italic) and <b>/<strong>(bold) tags(but not to much) and it should also contain <h> tags. Avoid using iframes, because the content is not indexed. More tips and tricks:

4. Url structure check

Keyword(s) in url: Not present
Domain lenght: 18 (Good)
Subdomains: Present

Info & tips: The domain is another important seo factor .You should pick easy to remember domain names, with no special characters and with a lenght no bigger than 76 chars. Search engines also consider that data hosted on subdomains is less important, so try to host your projects on domains, not subdomains. The TLD also matter, try to buy right TLDs, according to your site niche. More about domain name picking:

5. Links check

Internal links: 158 (To much)
External links: 19

Info & tips: Through links, your site is getting crawled, so remember to check all the time for broken links. It`s also recomended to have no more than 100 internal links(links pointing to your site). Always use a proper title and anchor for your links. More on links optimisation here:

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